DEAD REGISTER is Atlanta’s antidote for those who crave the dark, CATCHY elementS of The Cure’s Disintegration as much as the bludgeoning heft of Neurosis’ Times of Grace.



Dead Register is a heavy, genre-bending, tortured, gloomy, pretentious, dual-bass power trio fronted by husband and wife: M. Chvasta (vocals, bass VI, bass) and Avril Che (88 keys of synthetic low-end bass, high-end textures, backing vocals, live visuals, all band artistic media and music videos), along with R. Garcia (drum kit).

Est. 2013 and fueled by a strong DIY ethos, Dead Register has produced four music videos in-house and three critically acclaimed record releases on their own independent AVR label. Dead Register has been actively touring the U.S. and Canada in support of their ‘Fiber’ (2016) and ‘Captive’ (2018) records.

Dead Register has been charming live audiences with undeniably catchy hooks while eviscerating them with downtuned bludgeoning riffs and hypnotic atmosphere. Dead Register’s sound has paired well as live support for Author & Punisher, Wovenhand, Agalloch, Pinkish Black, Vowws, Tombs, Alcest, Order of the Owl, Pleasures, Wolvhammer, King Dude, Set and Setting, Hexxus, The Atlas Moth, The Body, SubRosa, and many more. Dead Register has been described by show-goers as “Peter Murphy in a His Hero is Gone shirt”, “Swans covering Godflesh with Brendan Perry [Dead Can Dance] singing”, and “Goth Power Ballads, bro! Intense!”

For fans of hyped CVLT bands new and old: Chelsea Wolfe, Soft Kill, Soft Moon, True Widow, Cold Cave, Type O Negative, Dead Can Dance, Deafheaven, Killing Joke, Godflesh, Neurosis, Ritual Howls, Drab Majesty, Pallbearer, Youth Code, Windhand, Anter Irma, Russian Circles, Sumac, Swans, Bauhaus. Etc. You get the picture.



CAPTIVE – EP (2018 AVR Records)

The third release from ATL’s heaviest gothic doomgaze band explores shorter song structures, dense, impactful dual bass arrangements, sorrowful baritone crooning, breathtaking textures, and jagged-yet-crushing beats. Features a crushing rendition of Dead and Gone’s “Blood from a Ghost.”


FIBER – LP (2016 AVR Records; 2017 Throne Records, Spain)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dan Dixon (PLS PLS, Whores, The Life and Times, Biters) to capture a real “working snapshot” of the band’s true live sound. Fiber is Dead Register’s first full-length release with six songs clocking in at 43 minutes.


TRVNS BLVK – Demo (2014)

Recorded and masterfully mixed at Metrotrack Station by the esteemed knob-twister, Eric Cornwell Searle.


ENDER (‘Captive’ EP)
NEW - August 2019

“Next level rad” – CVLT Nation. Directed and produced in-house by Avril Che.

CAPTIVE (‘Captive’ EP)
NEW - January 2019

Featuring Goddess Cheyenne. Directed and produced in-house by Avril Che.

GRAVE (‘Fiber’ LP)

Featured in the 2016 Buried Alive Film Festival. Directed and produced in-house by Avril Che.

FIBER (‘Fiber’ LP)

Directed and produced in-house by Avril Che.



“…they write the kind of music that more well-known bands like King Woman aspire to make — an atmospheric update to a classic sound, equally indebted to Black Sabbath and My Bloody Valentine.” – Decibel Magazine

“The key selling point for me is it answers the question I ask most music, “Is it dark enough for me?”… I think the biggest compliment I can give these guys is how quickly this album made its way to my iPod, as it’s something I would listen to on a fairly regular basis – it sits nicely between my goth tendencies and the more downtrodden doomy fare.” – CVLT Nation

“I was glad that this was only a short EP, it went by quick enough and I got through it without too much agony... If you are a fan of Type O Negative, are brooding, live in your parent’s basement, or like things that are derivative… this is for you! I hope that they can come up with something far more original in the future.” – The Independent Voice

“Every word in praise of Fiber by us and so many others can be echoed with zeal in regard to the Captive EP, but not only repeated but escalated as its five tracks venture to mouth-watering new heights in the imaginative craft and inventive prowess of Dead Register… Captive is pure aural alchemy and one of the year’s essential encounters” – The RingMaster Review

Captive: #12 EP of 2018 – No Clean Singing

“Dead Register deliver a great piece for all the dark souls out there. Very impactful. I wished “Captive” was a full-length album so that I continue my experience with it in the dusk of the dying autumn day in my gloomy, abandoned castle, abundant of lonely shadows and ghosts from the past. Very much recommended – 8/10” – Count Vlad, Blessed Altar Zine

"Their delightfully haunting sound brings together shoegaze-esque doomy riffs with lush, richly textured vocals which are pretty much the aural equivalent of black velvet, and as a whole it makes for a deeply atmospheric listening experience with more than a touch of grown up spookiness. 8/10  <3” – Powerplay Magazine UK

“Captive resides somewhere between [The Cure] Disintegration and [Neurosis] Through Silver in Blood, towing the line between melancholic soundscapes and seismic heaviness.” – Svbterranean


“There is a surrealist, triumphant, transcendental darkness buried deep in these glorious songs that nobody I’ve heard in the style in recent years can quite touch for me.” – Teeth of the Divine

“[The Fiber] music video increases the song’s power, giving this reviewer both chills and making her overwhelmingly excited for this sound to exist.” – (5/5) Music Existence

“It has been a while since a debut album has grabbed me by the throat and dared me not to love it. Atlanta trio, ‘Dead Register’ have released such an album, a goth-tinged rock album that has had way too much airplay in my lugholes!” – (4.5/5) Rock n’ Reel Reviews

“Syrupy and morose, Dead Register embody a great deal of what’s best about the gothic doom style, but express those ideas in an atmospheric sludge context.” – (Editor’s Choice April 2016) Invisible Oranges

“Fiber is a world of light and shadow. It’s lavish and wild and absurd. Fiber boasts a dark mood that you feel helpless to escape from, should you want to escape. I for one did not want to escape the clutches of Fiber.” – The Kali Diaries

“Fiber is a six-track journey of doom and gloom, yet there is an artistic beauty that demands your full attention” – (9/10) Powerplay Magazine UK

“Badgering the senses in their unique style, Dead Register have all the atmospheric gloom off to a T, however it encapsulates thunderously melodic gaits that simply cannot be ignored” – (4/5) Ramzine UK

“[Fiber] is a release which has a uniqueness few can emulate and a fascination which simply seduces ears and emotions.” – The RingMaster Review

“Their monstrous, dreary yet simultaneously beautiful compositions could freeze entire landscapes with their icy atmospheres and decimate them with their tremendous low-end.” – (9/10) Svbterranean

“Somber melodies and soaring, gothic-tinged vocals that could freeze landscapes with their beautifully cold atmospheres” – American Aftermath

“The six songs on Fiber are wonderful and feature some of the best gloomy post punk songs this side of the 1980’s... It’s completely enthralling and fantastic, full of somber melodies and gorgeous drum work.” – Xtapolapometal


“… unabashedly my favorite Atlanta release of this decade so far.” – Immersive Atlanta