Dead Register is a genre-bending, sad-sap, tortured, cry-in-my-coffee, gloomy, pretentious, heavy, dual-bass three-piece fronted by husband and wife: M. Chvasta (vocals, bass VI, bass) and Avril Che (88 keys of synthetic bass, low-low end, textures; plus backing vocals, live visuals, all band artistic media, and music videos), along with new drummer R.Garcia. The trio has painstakingly crafted their sound using unorthodox methods. There are no traditional guitars to be found – only Bass VI cobbled together by M. Chvasta’s own hands and traditional 4 string bass played as the lead instruments. The bass and sub-bass is achieved by Avril’s hybrid of 88 key distorted piano, mixed with her own special blend of synthesis, run through a pedalboard of grit into a wall of amps and subs. Giant drums + broken cymbals. In the end, it’s… rock, but made of the most crushingly sonic and atmospheric cloth that could be sewn.

No backing tracks, no sequencers, no triggers, all live. For you.

How many reverb pedals do YOU have?

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